Back to uni – not back to 9 to 5 prospects

Hello beautiful people,

Long time no speak. Fast-forwarding to the present day, November the 3d 2016, I am currently taking a break from the assignments that I need to complete by the end of next week. So yes, back to uni, back to studying, back to trying not to be – the typical student-.

I’m not sure if I have shared this with you before, but I study Information Management for Business at UCL (human language : IT and Business). You all knowDO.png I’m strongly agaist the corporate life and generally speakign the 9 to 5 / 9 to 9 daily schedule, instead I’m all in for entrepreneurship, unconventional and positive thinking.

Being where I am, studying what I am studying is quite hard to mai
ntain my thinking while not doubting it and myself. I am taught that the corporate way is the safe way, is the good way and the most rewarding one (money-wise). To be honest, what I am doing is more complicated, more competitive and more frightening. I chose the hard way, the foggy path through the forest, but that is okay. When you have something deep inside yourself that tells you not to follow a certain mindset, don’t do it, no matter how crazy it sounds. I am an entrepreneur, I work towards becoming indepent through my ventures, through social media etc. I am also only 20 years old, so what do I actually know about life? Well, maybe not much but enough to stick to my plan.

From time to time I hear these words when I tell people about my life and work philosophy – “Yeah Alina, but you know, a few years in a corporation can give you great insight and experience.” I totally respect this opinion, but my answer is – “Screw that. I can always get into the corporate world, I can always be a consultant, analyst and tell other people how to run their business. My diploma is not getting burned down if I don’t go into a graduate programme after my graduation. It is now that I have the power, the energy and the ideas to bring value into this world, I need no constraints.”

Luckily for me, I have some great people in my life that I can explore my entrepreneurial drive with and some great mentors that I can count on for great advice.

Come along with me on this journey with all its ups and downs.

Stay positive,




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