Hello, beautiful people!

I’m here with the latest update on how my life has been, what I’ve been doing and not been doing lately.

First of all, yes, I quit my job. Second of all, the pancake shop story is now officially over as I wanted to let go of it.

Let’s begin with the beginning. Last time we’ve talked, I was trying to get myself on the right track, be more positive and stand up to the circumstances at my job heroically. Turns out nothing worked. I’ve tried waking up earlier, going to the beach, enjoying amazing breakfasts, taking long walks and so on… Nothing worked and I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. In fact, I think I kind of had one, as I started to cry everyday like a baby, saying that I want to go home and so 14001694_754604554679425_1175784926_oon. Deep in myself I knew for a long time that if I wanted to be happy again I needed to quit my job and close the business, but I was too much of a chicken to admit it to myself and more importantly, to act on it. However, time passed and I was only getting deeper and deeper into this depression of mine. I don’t think I ever had this much negativity gathered up in my life, it was unacceptable and moreover I was
also making Armand feel bad, as it’s not pleasant to see your SO crying every day and being completely unhappy, so he started to push me everyday to quit and go home. After a few very very negatively charged and heated up discussions with the manager regarding my job and especially the pancake, I decided that my patience has reached the bottom of the bottle. I announced him that I’m leaving, but I kind of felt that he was not taking me seriously, so after a few hours I wrote my notice and handed it to him. That was it, the grand finale. The second I gave the notice, I felt the huge pressure that I was carrying with me starting to disappear. Two days after I was already on the train back home, wearing my biggest smile, knowing that I will finally get to see my friends back home, spend quality time with my family and especially with Milo, my dog.

The aftermath:

Most importantly, I realised that I will never ever get away from my path again, which is in a completely different direction, I will never ever get myself into a business that deals with food, or in a business that runs physically on this model. I am 100% convinced that my only way of creating quality products and/or services is online.

Furthermore, I experienced what it means to have and employee, to raise him/her and to make him/her work for you with a clean heart. Also not a piece of cake.

On top of that, I learnt that your intuition, your guts and your heart should also be followed. And never should you ever let yourself be in a situation that causes your damage, either psychically or physically. Be a man of action, always. And never get away from your desired path because of material or emotional factors. Even if you do, let go as soon as you can, you will see how the minute you let go of the bad influence, new doors will open, as it happened for me, but I will not talk about this now.

Hope I provided you with somewhat of an example and that you’ll learn with me from this experience.

Stay positive!





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