Hello beautiful people,

More than a month ago I was travelling through Italy, sipping on the best wines, having the best pasta, the best pizza and binging on delicious gelato, whereas now I am back in Romania at the seaside, in a resort that it’s not really my cup of tea.

To give you an insight into my last month: I am a cashier for a restaurant called LaStrada, I work with large sums of money daily and I interact with at least 500 customers. Most of them are part of the people I would never interact with on a daily basis, but here I have no other option but to put on my best smile and adapt to their way of thinking, speaking and so on.

On top of that, together with Armand, we are managing partners of a small Crepes Shop. All sounded so exciting but at the end of the day, I am always wondering, what on Earth am I doing here?  We started basically from scratch, but we set it all up, worked on our product for about two weeks and found a lovely girl to prepare the crepes. It sounds so easy, when in fact, it was all like a mild nightmare. Finding someone to work with us was very stressful, and I basically had to do it by myself because Armand was busy with the technical details of the shop. I encountered so many closed doors that I was on the edge of giving up. Luckily for me, a good friend recommended this sweet girls, Cristina who came at the seaside to work with us in a matter of days. That was it, I thought it was all sorted out, but then another issue popped out. It was her first job and she never touched the griddle before. We tried to teach her, but neither did we know too much about the griddle. However, she learned pretty quickly and the business was on, we started selling. Yay for us,but then we faced issues with our co-workers, with our boss and so on… all in all I started living in continous hell. A few days ago, we had a big misunderstanding with our boss and partner for the crepes that we almost left, in the sense that we packed all our bags and we were ready to take the train back home. It was an issue of mutual respect, an issue of unclear duties and basically that was it. When adressing the issues in front of him, we maintained our position and in the end, we solved our misunderstandings. Ever sincer, our business is working much better, our days are more relaxed and more beautiful.  What I learnt from this is that you should always keep your head up, maintain your position and take into your account your life principles and apply them, regardless of the environment you’re part of.

Another effect that the past month has had on me is that I went flat, I abandoned my healthy mind habits, I abandoned my Instagram account, my Snapchat, my blog, the Productivity Planner, the Five Minute Journal etc. I am still fighting with myself to go back to my old ways and I am proud to say that I am on the right track, hence why I’m writing. Please, unlike me, stay positive and keep your healthy mind habits, I will keep you updated with my progress and create more content .

Here are some pics that describe my past month.


My customers


Crepes in the making


The mighty one


The small shop <3


Cashing in, YAS


What am I doing here?






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