Hello, beautiful people!

Greetings from Romania. As you can tell, our trip in the beautiful country of Italy has ended. We learnt how to cook and how to speak Italian. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find someone to lend us a Vespa without presenting a driver licence, but instead I learned how to ride a bike. No, I did not know how to ride a bike before.

However, the most interesting, or better said challenging part of the trip was the fact that we had no Internet in Tuscany, where we spent most of our time. I only managed to post a few pictures on Instagram whenever I could find a Wi-Fi source. I decided to write a few lines about this experience and only after to start posting about each part of the journey.

Dear friends, at the beginning I must say it was painful to be offline. I felt like a lion in cage, but after a few days I kind of decided to let go and fully experience what life without Internet is like. Contrary to my expectations, I “survived”, in the sense that I really didn’t miss it that much, but I felt kind of guilty for not posting. What made me happy is that I didn’t feel in any way more connected to the people beside me, or more present in the everyday life, which confirms my theory that all this Internet, social media etc. is not a “life-eater”, “life-distraction” if you don’t allow it to be. All this fuss about how Internet is bad and about how we don’t live in the now because of it makes no sense to me. It’s about learning how to use and why. As with many things, self-education is key.

Thank you for not losing faith in my journey, there will follow insights from Tuscany.






  1. rant says:

    the ‘us not living in the now’ that you mention is not created by the internet, it’s facilitated by the internet, like it was before by indoctrinating television and before that by scandal tabloids and before that by who knows what. like you said, self-education is what’s missing, not the internet is what’s too much.

    i was wondering why you didn’t post. glad you had the fun. you have to speak in Italian in one of your videos otherwise I won’t believe you.

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