Hello, beautiful people!

The reason I have not posted anything about Milan is because we didn’t really enjoy it. I took no pictures, no nothing. We didn’t even eat gelato – and that says a lot. In the first day we woke up, stayed a bit around the house and then went straight for the main attraction, Il Duomo – then we got hungry, but to our surprise, Italian do not serve lunch after 14:00, so we fc,550x550,white.u2ended up eating at McDonald’s, which was very disappointing. :(

The next day was very boring, we slept almost all day and we just went out for some grocery shopping, as I wanted to cook some gnocchi and prepare some Bresaola. Let’s say that the only good thing about Milan is that we got to spend some more time with our good friend Sergio.

However, we are now in Tuscany, in the beautiful city of San Miniato, which is close to Pisa, Florence and the seaside. So stay tuned for some amazing scenery in the next post.




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