Hello, beautiful people!

As I am writing this I am already in Milan, we left Bergamo yesterday. In the past two days we stayed local and explored Bergamo, so this short post is going to be about good food and good people.

First of all, I really want to take some time to praise the Italian food. It is absolutely delicious, with very subtle flavours that mix all together and create beautiful, fresh dishes. We got to eat quite a few North-Italian dishes, pizza and pasta included, but by far the most authentic experience was with Sergio’s family, yesterday, when we went to dine together. Apparently, dining together with your family is one of the most important Italian habits. We are truly grateful that we got the chance to experience this. After the diner we had the most amazing wine(s), strawberries, cannoli and so on. Our tummies were very happy, at the end of the day. Not to forget, a big shout out to Sergio’s family who treated us amazingly good, introduced us to the Italian family and to the Italian way of life. Here are some pictures:


We also walked quite a lot around the old city of Bergamo, hiked, took the funicular, climbed into the highest tower and so on. Oh, I almost forgot. We also ate A LOT of gelato, every break is a gelato break in Italy. The following pictures are just a little teaser of what Bergamo looks like, we will post everything on YouTube, as soon as we get the chance to sit down and work.



Thank you for following me around Italy, see you soon in Milan!




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